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We are specialized in organizing and tailoring touristique trips in the heart of the Middle East, Egypt. our staff had very Good experience with dealin with the Tourists from all over the world , Our aim to make yo happy to enjoy your time with our Qualiffied Stuff to remmeber us with good memmory to come back to Egypt . We can arrange your Complete Package with accommodation - Private transportation - Private Egyptologist Speaking Guide - Nile Cruise - Trains - Fights.( More ... )


Not only we promise an extraordinary but an unforgettable moments in our homeland, but also assure you a full and deep coverage of the history of the oldest civilization. Mankind has ever known, the Pharaohs, on the hands of the best Egyptologist guides in Egypt. Our program gives focus to this dimension of Egypt, offering more than a glimpse into the esoteric themes that the ancient structures and relics depict. Egypt Legend Travel & Holidays also recognize the depth of personal experience that can be gained from taking such an approach, and strive to make that a positive, valuable memory for all of our members. You will enjoy many distinctive advantages. ( More ... )


We are as your local tour operator provide you with affordable accommodations, competent Egyptian assistants, and reserved, extended time at each site to experience the unique art, architecture, and ambiance of ancient Egypt. Most importantly these things alone will differentiate your journey from other tours. But there are additional opportunities that have been designed and are reserved for our clients alone ( More. )


Leave your worries behind, and enjoy a relaxing cruise on the waters of the Nile. Enjoy the early sunrise watch, or dreamy sunsets that floats you back to ancient history. Cruise along the Nile on the same highway the Pharaohs once traveled. Enjoy watching the monuments, which are lined up on the banks of the Nile. Leave your worries behind, and enjoy a relaxing cruise on the waters of the Nile. Enjoy the early sunrise watch, or dreamy sunsets that floats you back to ancient history(More ...  )


Operating high quality Desert Safaris to the western Oasis and trekking in South Sinai with its fleet of 4 x 4 wheel drive vehicles.All our desert safaris are conducted by equipped,air-conditioned new models 4 x 4 , driven by experienced desert drivers, many of which are bedouins. Our multi-lingual guides work in conjunction with the Bedouin guides who are originally from the mountain tribes. While on Camel trekking through the East sandstones, we work closely with the Sheikh. Hospitality is found in the desert by the natives at every place ( More ...)

We take you also to experience the land of religions (Sinai) where Moses and Jesus had reached it. enjoying its wonderful beaches, warm water, and an inescapable sun. The Red Sea is world-known of its diving centers where people from all over the world come to enjoy them. ( More ...  )


We Can reserve your Sleeping Train & Seating Train First Class - Domestic Flight inside Egypt ' Note : We recommend you to reserve the international + domestic flight from your country in nearest Air Line Offic e , it will be more cheap (More ... )
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