( Activities in Hurghada )

Jeep Safari
 Be part of the special life of the Bedouin people, who like to welcome you in their village. After a 1 hour drive through the desert, a cup of tea, a water pipe and a group of desert people are waiting for you. They like to show you how they survive in a land without water, how to ride a camel and how beautiful the sunset in the desert is. After sunset a special BBQ and a Bedouin show are waiting for you under the stars.

Quad Safari
If you re looking for adventure go in the desert driving a beach buggy, same program as the jeep safari. (Also available: a 3 hours trip: only tea and water pipe in the Bedouin village)
Discover the beauty of the Red Sea with one of the following trips.

Paradise Island National Park
Enjoy a 1 hour boat trip through the different colors of the Red Sea to Paradise Beach, (Mahmaya Island) , a protected island were white sand, palm trees and corals are waiting for you. Relaxing all day on the island, with the possibility of snorkeling in front of the coast and going with a speed boat to a selected reef in the open sea. Including fins & mask, lunch, soft drink on the island.

Giftun Island
Snorkeling at 2 different coral reefs, getting a taint for 1 hour on the small Giftun Island. Including lunch on the boat, fins & mask, soft drinks

4 Island
The boat brings you to 4 different coral reefs. Including lunch on the boat, fins & mask, soft drinks

El Gouna Trip
Bring a visit to the Venice of Egypt, El Gouna located at 25 km away from Hurghada For 1.5 hour a shuttle boat takes you through the lagoons of El Gouna, you visit the centre and the Red Sea Aquarium. When our guide shows you the dolphin reef...a dream can become true because there s a big chance that you will be swimming with dolphins. Including entrance fee, lunch, fins & mask, soft drink. Fishing material also available.

Sharm el Naga
Spend a day in an under water paradise. Sharm el Naga, only 40 km south of Hurghada, where the corals start at a few meters from the coast. A picturesque bay with natural sandy beaches, unharmed corals and a little swimming pool are your guarantee for an unforgettable day.


For those who never tried diving before or don t have a diving diploma we like to offer an introduction dive. Our instructor takes you by the hand to discover a world of silence & beauty. Including 2 introduction dives, diving equipment, lunch and soft drink PADI-course, daily dives and night dives also available.

Sailing boat
A private sailing boat giving place for maximum 10 people will sail with you to make snorkeling, fishing and enjoying the sea until sunset. Including lunch fins & mask, fishing material.

Glass boat
For those who donít like to get wet; a glass boat will take you over the corals.

Red Sea Dolphin Catamaran
A more luxurious glass boat, in which you can see the under water world from a seat located under the water line.


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