Dahabyia Nile Cruise

Unlike the cruise ships, dahabiyas can berth at any suitable place on the banks of the Nile. This allows for a more flexible itinerary and a more enjoyable exploration of the river.The trips can be either for as few as 3 days or as long as 10 days, depending upon your preferences. The most popular itineraries are described below.

5 days
Day 1

Transfer from Luxor to Esna, arriving at Esna at around noon. Board the boat after visiting the Ptolemaic temple of Khnum. Lunch will be served on the boat after the visit to the temple. We then set sail for Edfu, and spend the night at a quiet riverside site.

Day 2

After breakfast, a short sail brings us to Edfu, where we will transfer to caleches, for the short ride to the Temple of Horus, at Edfu, one of the most complete temples in Egypt. Lunch is served on the boat, as we sail to Gebel Silsila, where we moor for the night.

Day 3

Spend the morning visiting the pharaonic quarries and the temple of Horemheb at Silsila. The guide will lead your party through the quarries, and the boat will sail to meet you further upstream. The rest of the day spent sailing towards Kom Ombo. We moor at a quiet riverside site for the night.  

Day 4

We continue the sail to Kom Ombo, and after a leisurely breakfast, visit the Ptolemaic temple of Sobek and Horus, the only temple dedicated to two gods in Egypt. After lunch, a short sail will take us to Darhow, to see the famous camel market. Overnight we stay at Fawzi Island, further upstream.

Day 5

A full day sailing to Aswan, arriving in the late afternoon. The cruise ends here, and you can visit the evening attractions of Aswan after dinner. On the next morning, disembark, and either transfer to your hotel in Aswan, or return to Luxor.

7 days
Day 1

As for 5 day cruise.

Day 2

We sail to El Kab, and visit the extensive monuments there.

3 - 5

as for 5 day cruise, days 2 - 5.  

Day 6

Aswan - we visit the Nubian Museum, High Dam, temple of Philae and the unfinished Obelisk. If there are any special sites you wish to see in Aswan, we can easily alter this itinerary. We spend our final evening on the boat, with some traditional Nubian musicians.

Day 7

Disembark at noon approximately, unless you have made other arrangements.


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