Operating high quality Desert Safaris to the western Oasis and trekking
in South Sinai with its fleet of 4 x 4 wheel drive vehicles.All our desert safaris
 are conducted by equipped,air-conditioned new models 4 x 4 , driven by
 experienced desert drivers, many of which are bedouins.

Our multi-lingual guides work in conjunction with the Bedouin guides
who are originally from the mountain tribes. While on Camel trekking
through the East sandstones, we work closely with the Sheikh.
Hospitality is found in the desert by the natives at every place


Cairo / Bahariya 

365 KM

Bahariya / Farafra 

180 KM

Bahariya / Siwa 

420 KM off road

Cairo / Siwa 

750 KM

Farafra / Dakhla 

290 KM

Dakhla / Kharga 

195 KM

Kharga / Luxor 

300 KM

Kharga / Cairo 

650 KM



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