Holy Family Program


There is a strong and persistent tradition that supports the Bible story (Matt.2:13-15)of the Flight into Egypt. It is a tradition shared by Christians and Muslims( who regard Jesus as a prophet along with Abraham, Moses and Muhammad). There are literally dozens of sites throughout the Delta and Middle Egypt that are regarded as holy, and to which people make pilgrimage because they are places where the Holy Family visited rested or took refreshment during their sojourn. At Bahnasa in Middle Egypt for example, near the site of the ancient city of Oxyrhynchus, which was an Episcopal see in the fifth century, Coptic tradition holds that the Family traveled there on an ass and attracted those with infirmities, who received healing. Coptic and Muslim sources are not always in agreement on the route taken, nor on the duration of the visit. Copts believe that the Holy Family remained in Egypt for a little over three and a half years, while Muslim traditions have seven years-but such differences only serve to strengthen the tradition Among the sites that enjoy popularity as places where the Holy Family rested are the towns of Bubastis (Tell Basta),Bilbeis, Samannud, and Sakha in the Delta, where annual pilgrimages are made.Babylon (Old Cairo) and the church of the Holy Virgin on the banks of the Nile at Maadi, a suburb south of Cairo, are also hallowed sites. The latter is believed to mark the point where the Family embarked by boat for Upper Egypt. MATA Travelria (ancient Heliopolis) enjoys great popularity as the place where the Virgin rested beneath a tree,refreshed herself, and washed the clothes of the Child in the spring. Many towns have a mulid or annual festival in honor of the Virgin. One of the most important is the pilgrimage on August 22 to Gebel al Tair (Mount of Birds), on the east bank of the Nile almost opposite Samalut in Middle Egypt. Another site popularly associated with the Flight is the village of Durunka, some ten kilometers south of Asyut where an important mulid is held each year. The monastery of Saint Mary Deir Durunka, like that of Gebel al Tair is situated near the cliff face. Another monastery of Saint Mary known as Deir al Muharraq (the Burnt Monastery) is the largest and wealthiest monastery in Middle Egypt. It is situated in the western desert north of Asyut, and is best approached from Qusiya.

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Day 1

Upon Arrival at Cairo airport, where our representative will be waiting for you. He will then meet and assist you through airport formalities and escort you to your hotel in which you will be assisted by our representative for Check-in at your Hotel, Overnight at hotel in Cairo.

Day 2

Breakfast at your hotel, then drive to El Arish city at Northern Sinai, enjoy the Palm beach at Mediterranean Coast .Overnight in El Arish.

Day 3

After breakfast, Drive from El Arish to Cairo through the religious road. Among the sites that enjoy popularity the Towns of Bubastis (Tell Basta) Bilbeis, Back to Cairo. Overnight in Cairo.  

Day 4

After breakfast drive to Samannud and Shaha in the Delta, where annual pilgrimages are made. After few hours Driving .Arrive to Wadi Al Natrun where the Holy Family rested. Back to Cairo. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 5

After breakfast drive to El MATA Travelriya (ancient Heliopolis) enjoys great popularity as the place where the Virgin rested beneath a tree called the “THE VIRGIN ‘S TREE” at MATA Travelria .Dive to Old Cairo where you can find Church of Saint Sergius (Abu Sarga) is situated to the North of the Coptic Museum. The church is dedicated to two Roman officers Sergius and Bacchus who were martyred in Syria in 303.The earliest part of the building dates from the fifth century and was built over the cave where, according to tradition, the Holy Family hid during their Flight into Egypt. Hanging Church this Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is known as the “Hanging or suspended” Church because it rests on the two southwestern bastions of the old Roman fortress of Babylon. Drive to Maadi Church. Back at hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 6

After breakfast visit the Pyramids one of seven wonders of the ancient world and Egyptian Museum contains the largest & finest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world. Come back to the hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 7

After breakfast. Meet our representative to Transfer to Cairo Airport for final departure.

Program includes:

  • 5 nights in Cairo at hotel of your choice (3, 4 or 5 Stars) on bed & buffet breakfast.
  • 1 night in El Arish at hotel of your choice (3, 4 or 5 Stars) on bed & buffet breakfast.
  • All transfers and luggage handling per program.
  • All tours as per program, including guiding and entrance fees.
  • Service charge & tax.

Program excludes:

  • Entry visa to Egypt.
  • Any personal extra.
  • Extra Option Tours


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